Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

We do help you to get promotion/mentions from the top Crypto Influencers/KOL’s in the space, reach out to us for a more detailed list of options.

Media buying

We do arrange the top media buying options in the space, Ad slots, Giveaways, Top 10 Mentions, Reddit/FB Pinned posts and much much more options are availble with us.

Account Verification

We are one of the top providers for verifying Blockchain related accounts, we do handle the Press article need for it, as well as the application process (usually directly with an internal employee of the social platform to increase the chance of success)


Mainstream Media

We can guarantee you placements in the top of the top of worldwide premium magazines like Forbes, Nasdaq, Khaleej Times, Yahoo, Bloomberg, Wallstreet Online and much much more, please reach out for a full list.

Crypto Media

From Cointelegraph, BTC-Echo, Cryptodaily to and much much more of the most established outlets in the space, we can help you to get featured there !


We do work with the most established outlets in the industry, those do share updates on their newsletters to already established and interested crypto people.

Get your message/projects posted by the most credible outlets which reach millions of crypto related people.



Banner & Billboards

We are not only able to provide the highest quality banner ads on outlets like etherscan or coingecko as example but much much more outlets.

We also can help you with the most in demand billboards in the planet (like a time square billboard ad) or even custom campaings that are more unique like our video truck campaign options.

Growth Hacking

We do leverage several low cost, high result growth hacking strategies like Giveaways, Mass DM’s (Mainly on Instagram, Twitter and Discord) or social media shilling (mass posting in relevant groups and communities)


Many people struggle to get their projects listed on price tracking sites like coingecko or coinmarketcap but also with getting them on exchanges like Pancakeswap, Kucoin, Lbank, Bittrex, Huobi & more.

We can help with all of those, we get you listed !



Our top advisor will discuss topics like tokenomics, brandig, market fit, marketing and much much more with you on a personal/business session in call to position yourself perfectly in the market (Advisor is Top 10 Crypto Influencer in 2022 & Top 10 Entrepreneur in 2022, appointed by Forbes)

Discord Setup & Moderation

We help to setup a modern and secure discord server, filtering out many bots and securing your projects and your users (Many projects do get hacked and loose their community, do not make the same mistake, be save)

We understand not everybody does have inhouse moderators with knowledge in the industry, so we help you out with people.

Website Creation & Blockchain Development

We do help you to setup the ultimate branding website, funnel, or marketing campaign landing page for your project, so that people trust you and do convert.

Besides that we are also glad to help with more specific web 3 development tasks like creating a own Token, a  own DEX, your own NFT project or your custom requests.

We usually do build marketing plans/strategies as a whole and are happy to consult you on the best suitable options for you, please reach out to us to plan/discuss the best options and pricing details.

A small impression of some of our possible media outlets:

Press FAQ

  • Can you guarantee press/media placements? – Yes we do even with our top premium oulets, if your service is not executed, you do get a 100% refund, no questions asked.
  • How fast is your turnaround time ? – We work super fast and will start right away after conditions are final, most outlets have max. 2-3 working days publishing time, most way faster though
  • Do you offer writing services ? – 100% we do, we are happy to publish your prepared article 1:1 as is our help your write it

Our client base mainly consists of:

GameFi/Play2Earn projects
NFT projects
IDO / ICO /ITO projects
DeFi projects
AMM & Yield farming projects
Crypto exchanges
General Crypto startups
Crypto wallets
Crypto software companies
Crypto charity companies
Crypto service companies
Crypto Meme coins
but also everyone else Blockchain or finance reletad !

If you have any open questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we will get back to you asap !